Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Name Element?

As the idea to start a wine brand hatched we discuss what it would take to grow a great bottle of wine, the first thing that came to mind was the fundamentals soil, sun, water and wind, and so Element Wine were born. We also take an approach of care for the Elements and they in turn will care for you, it is because of this we stopped spraying herbicide and conventional fungicides and insecticides preferring a biological and cultural defence against pest and disease.


Where did the E logo come from?

We contracted George Williams from a local graphic design company Black Dog Design to do the job. We asked George to design a logo based on the letter E, it had to be art deco to represent the architecture of Hawke's Bay, It had to be "Kiwi As" many see the Tiki in the design and lastly we wanted it in foil like a Hundertwasser print. 

Why Hawke's Bay?

We consider Hawke's Bay to be the fine wine capital of New Zealand, we wanted to grow wines that we enjoyed to drink so it was a no brainer to purchase a Gimblett Gravels Vineyard planted in Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Viognier.

What are the Gimblett Gravels?

The Gimblett Gravels wine-producing sub-region covers over 850ha. It is defined by free-draining gravelly soils, laid down by the ancient beds of the Ngaruroro River after a massive flood in 1867. Around the world, Gimblett Gravels is renowned for its unique combination of the key elements, perfect for producing award-winning rich-bodied red wines.

High temperatures and sunshine hours combined with mineral-rich alluvial soils are primarily what contribute to the Gimblett Gravels producing high quality grapes. The stony landscape retains heat longer and extends the warmth of the entire environment to create perfect conditions for growing grapes and making world-class ultra-premium red wine.

Do we Ship internationally?

Yes we do, we can ship to most countries providing the receiving government allows wine to be imported. We use NZWine Home who package up the consignment in to lambs wool socks for protection and dispatch to your eagerly waiting wine cellar. Contact us now to arrange a shipment to you.

Are we licensed to sell Alcohol?

Yes we are, our Liquor Licence: 29/OFF/055/2018 can be viewed by clicking the licence number at the bottom of the page.